Welcome to the Troop 26 website! 

Avon, NY Boy Scout Troop 26  Chartered by the Avon Rotary Club

(see scouting on the Avon Rotary Clubs website)

Thank you for visiting our site. Our troop meets every Wednesday night from 7:00-8:30 at the Scout House on Cemetery Rd. See our Troop Planning Worksheet for more information on what our Troop does throughout the course of a year.

Check out our Troop Brochure.  You can find directions to our Scout House here. You can also contact our Scoutmaster for more information.


Jim Yencer (EagleScout)

Assistant Scoutmasters:

Mr. Jeff Younger (EagleScout), Mr. Rob Nellis, Mr. Michael Arlauckas (EagleScout), Mr. Ian Craig (EagleScout), Mr. Eric Lockwood, Mr. Mike Page (EagleScout), Mr. Jonathan Moon (EagleScout), Mr. Scott Stevens (EagleScout)

Committee Chair:

Dr. Mark Mitschow

Advancement Coordinator:

Ms. Meade, Mrs. Alexander


Mrs. Robin Zitz

Aquatics Director:

Mr. Charles Feller (EagleScout)

Summer Camp Coordinator::

Mrs. Cochrane, Mr. Arlauckas

Christmas Tree Sales Coordinator:

Mr. Arlauckas

Popcorn Sales Coordinator:

Mr. Petterson

Equipment Coordinator:


Daniel DeSano

Chartering Organization Rep:Unit Commissioner:

Mr. Kirk Vanderbilt

Mrs. Jeanne Yencer


Other Committee Members:

Mr. Jacob Bailey (EagleScout), Mrs. Kunkel, Mrs. Schultheis, Mr. Dean, Mr. Huffman (EagleScout), Mr. Matt Stevens (EagleScout)

Also check out the Avon Cub Scout Pack website here

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